Minimal Bags and Apparel 
Mission District of San Francisco, California
Founder and Chief Designer: James Anthony

We are driven by simplistic design and clean style. Every piece you see here has been handmade, designed and/or curated by the MB team to deliver you our take on the minimal individual. We are keen on supporting local manufacturing and artists but we also carry goods that have been responsibly produced overseas with the goal of supporting international artisanship.

Welcome to the Mission District of San Francisco, our home and the home of Minimal Bags (MB). Rich with taquerias, pupuserias, dive bars, cafes, thrift stores, artists, and local businesses. The essence of this neighborhood comes from the Central American and Mexican families. For nearly three years, the Mission District has defined and influenced my outlook. I am proud to say MB is a product of this influence. Every bag is designed, cut, and sewn, right here... in the heart of San Francisco.


MB strives to represent the quality and authenticity of this neighborhood we are so proud of. Therefore, we are certified members of the SFMade organization, who strive to support and represent local manufacturing. View our member profile on SFMade.org


The core and strength of this neighborhood lies with its people and culture. MB is no different in quality and design. Our bags are made of natural fabrics. We use 100% cotton canvas, YKK brass zippers, cotton liners, suede trimmings, and cotton rope. To reduce our carbon footprint, our bags are packaged in recycled materials.